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fb-pdf-icon_0The All-Win Principle

fb-pdf-icon_0All-Win: How does it work?

The Commons Cluster

doc-iconInformational Resources on the Commons

doc-iconAll-Win Principle and the Global Commons

doc-icon51 ways to promote the Commons

doc-iconMission and goals of commons cluster

doc-iconPartner with us Commons Cluster

Beyond Covid 19

fb-pdf-icon_0Share from your Heart Survey Summary

doc-iconPost Covid Brief

fb-pdf-icon_0Building a foundation of Unity in Diversity to implement the whole 2030 Agenda

A means to recover from the coronavirus with a focus on SDGs: 4, 5, 14, 15, 17.

Financing for development

fb-pdf-icon_0A Self Financing World Marshall plan

fb-pdf-icon_0Unleashing Financing and Commons Resources

doc-iconFinancing Local to Global Public Goods

doc-iconClaiming and saving 6 Commons


Forging GA Resolution A/RES/73/333 into a Powerful Tool for the Implementation of Environmental Law


17-page Sifa Plan. Aug 20, 2022 Rev 6


SIFA Plan Comprehensive Self-financing Ed Approach 1 Sept 2022

Measures for a commons based economy

doc-iconMeasures to achieve our next evolutionary step

doc-iconMeasures post Rio to Eradicate Poverty  12-13-2011

doc-iconMeasures post Rio to counter threats inherent in a debt based economy

doc-iconMeasures post RIo to Shift to a Sustainable Commons-Based Global Economy

doc-iconMeasures post Rio Commoners are taking to create a sharing economy

doc-iconMeasures Post Rio Commoners Are Taking to Empower the Public and Private Sectors Measures Post Rio Examples of Commons 3-1-13

doc-iconMeasures post Rio to Finance the Shift to a Commons

Nature and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)

SDG reports by the All Win Network and the Commons Cluster

fb-pdf-icon_0The Earth Charter

Interview: Sustainable Development Goals and Conscious Communication with Nature

Video: Heiner Benking interviewed by Loubna Doudouh

Recordings of Speakers at our Strategy Meetings

Audio: Alide Roerink speaks on the Earth Charter and how it is inspiring systemic global changes

Audio: Dr. Maia Kincaid, Dr. Lisinka Ulatowska and their colleagues speak about how they began to work more consciously with the both powerful and very subtle ways Nature is pushing us to work with the evolutionary forces of Nature.

Audio: Reviving Ancient Ways of Regenerating Nature. Dr. Anne Poelina (Western Australia) and Frank Heckman (Europe, North Africa, North America and Asia) share their experiences. It is well worth bearing with the poor quality for the amazing content.

Self Help Books and Personal Growth

doc-iconSelf help books Beatrice Raue–Supporttraining and Holistic Autogenic Training

UN documents

fb-pdf-icon_0Outcome document of the United Nations Summit post-2015

fb-pdf-icon_0Transforming our World-The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

World Citizenship Giving input to the UN

doc-iconGlobal Citizenship and the Commons

doc-iconPowerful Tools for the Future We Want

doc-iconWorld Citizens Manual v2


A novel showing how world citizens using the all-win actions described in the “World Citizen Manual” can bring an all-pervasive “divide and rule” policy to a halt, even when this is operated by a network of the wealthiest, most powerful “puppeteers”, operating in the shadows.

fb-pdf-icon_0A Basic income for all people