Fearless UlatowskaFearless

Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things in a World Gripped by Fear.
By Dr. Lisinka Ulatowska

This novel provides a harrowing account of how fear takes over government policies and infects the lives of their citizens. Only the powerful drive to live and thrive can dispel it. But can the compelling all-win principle stop the epidemic of fear that has most of the world in its grip? The story opens in the year 2010 in a sumptuous mansion on the idyllic Costa Rican shore where Bertram, a business consultant, Pim, a systems scientist, and the 80+ year-old Mary with her crew of young people meet in an all-out attempt to halt the fear epidemic.

Fear is causing wholesale slaughter in the nation of Kukundu, gaining momentum in over 100 dictatorships, and securing a stranglehold on the free world. In the background lurk the Masters of Fear themselves, the Holy Order of the Snake, close to gaining control of the Planet. The narrative moves between heroic action in the underground resistance and pioneering work at the U.N., and from street children to Heads of State. The novel offers stirring accounts of the heights to which the human spirit can soar, the unfolding of love, and the power available to ”ordinary” people. We become acquainted with the tools that we, too, can use to break through the confines of fear. For the Fear Epidemic set in 2010 has frightening parallels with the conditions we are living in today.

This novel provides invaluable insights for business people, educators, statesmen and women, NGOs and all people confronted with the challenges of living in to-days world. It presents an anatomy of fear and its resolution–both profoundly complex and yet compellingly simple once you know where to begin.

Lisinka Ulatowska, Ph.D. (Psychology), associated with the UN since 1969, where, as an NGO representative, she also chaired a Task Force on Financing. She has written: A World Citizens Manual (English, Dutch, German, Chinese); and the Year 2000 on a self-financing World Marshall Plan. Fearless is a sequel to Samenzwering Samenspel which inspired the international All-Win Network for activists with heart helping to build a durable global community where all can flourish.

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