Dr. Maia Kincaid is featured in a newly released documentary called: Being with Animals. The film was one of 140 films selected (from @ 1200 entries) for the Sedona International Film Festival the end of February 2018.

We are deeply grateful to the film maker Salome Pitschen for all the hours, heart, spirit and soul which went into the making of the film. She never stopped in her mission to bring awareness to all of humanity that animals do talk and they have valuable things to say. Thank you Salome, I am deeply touched to be heard in our mutual mission and to have so many hearts and minds opening to animals & Nature communication through this beautiful film!

Watch the video!

Being with animals will also be featured at the Illuminate Film Festival, May 30 – June 3, 2018. More info and tickets on http://www.illuminatefilmfestival.com/being-with-animals