Integrating Nature into the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). All are welcome.

There are three main objectives for the Nature communication program, which are interrelated and equally important, because each one makes the other possible:

  • You become aware of your natural ability to dialog with trees, plants, insects, animals, and the Earth.
  • Your experiences and insights, from your dialogs, are posted by you on our Forum and Titan Pad.
  • Our insights on the implementation of United Nations Sustainable Development Goal’s gathered from the wisdom of Nature, through our conversations are given directly to Heads of State, Government, UN Ambassadors and delegates on a monthly basis.

By carefully taking the simple steps of the course we achieve all goals, and we collectively have the unprecedented opportunity to help people to live in greater harmony with Nature.

Options for Participation:

1. Receive the mailings.
2. Attend calls/listen to the audio recording.
3. Communicate with animals, plants, insects & the Earth and share your communications with me or post them on our Titan Pad.
4. Assist with editing our letters to Heads of State and other world leaders.

To join or to request more information contact:

Dr. Lisinka Ulatowska