Dr. Maia Kincaid hosts online nature communications workshops each first saturday of the month.  These workshops take place right before the monthly strategy meeting of the commons cluster. All are welcome, no experience needed!

Time:11-12 noon EDT (8-9 am AZ and PDT; 4 pm CET.)

Call-In Number: +1 712 770 4010.

Access Code: Please email us to receive the access code.

What is Animal Communication and How Can It Help You and Your Pet?

Animal Communication is just that, it is communication with an animal that happens telepathically without the need to be there in person with them. It works similar to using a telephone, but in this case no phone, no technology is needed, just the amazing instrument of receiving and communication, which is the human heart, mind, body and spirit in action!

A lot of people spend time talking to the Animals, but not that many people listen. That’s the real problem!— Winnie the Pooh

Animals share us in a very open and intimate way. We get to know their personality and sometimes their playfulness or joyousness can be contagious and have us smiling!
it’s fun and easy and ANYONE can do it.

For more info please go to Animalcommunicationworld.com