Commons Cluster

Commons Cluster

A commons is a constellation of human beings who work together in such a way that all participate in decision making and all profit from the fruits of their common endeavor. So both the all-win principle and the commons have played a central part in the evolution of the Universe.

Now humanity is attempting to form a new life-form: a global community living in inner harmony and in harmony with Nature as a whole. By applying the all-win principle and a commons approach in all we do as human beings, each action will be building a foundation of unity and moreover be working with the evolutionary forces inherent in the Universe itself. These are powerful tools with which to work toward a more peaceful, stable and sustainable world where all human beings can come into their own in harmony with one another and Mother Nature.

Members of the Commons Cluster

Some of the organizations that are a member of the Commons Cluster are:

Global Ecovillage Network
The International Union for Land Value Taxation
The Association of World Citizens
Earth Rights Institute
The Institute for Planetary Synthesis
The All Win Network