The Partnership on Nature – integrating nature into the implementation of the SDG’s – have drafted a series of reports on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). They are available for download right here:

fb-pdf-icon_0Final Report SDG 1

fb-pdf-icon_0Final Report SDG 2 further endorsers pending

fb-pdf-icon_0Final Report SDG 3

fb-pdf-icon_0Final Report SDG 4

fb-pdf-icon_0Final Report SDG 5-4

fb-pdf-icon_0Final Report SDG 6

fb-pdf-icon_0Final Report SDG 11-2

fb-pdf-icon_0Final Report SDG 12

fb-pdf-icon_0Final Report SDG 13

fb-pdf-icon_0Final Report SDG 14

fb-pdf-icon_0SDG 15: Terrestrial Eco systems

Nature and the Sustainable Development Goals

fb-pdf-icon_0In Harmony with Nature: Accelerating the achievement of the SDGs using 3 Critical Entry Points (August 2019)

fb-pdf-icon_0Executive Summary 2019 Report (HLPF 2019 SDGs)

fb-pdf-icon_0Transforming our World in Harmony with Nature (2019 HLPF version)

Integrating Nature while Implementing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

fb-pdf-icon_0Transforming our World in Harmony with Nature (2018 version)

Global pact for the environment

fb-pdf-icon_0Essential Elements for a Global Pact for the Environment Commons Cluster

Essential Elements for Developing an Effective & Coherent Global Pact for the Environment: Suggestions from Civil Society

fb-pdf-icon_0Global pact for the environment and other environmental legislation in manageable increments

Including: Global Marshall Plan for the Environment and Environmental Rights. A Report by the Commons Cluster of the UN NGO Major Group. March 2019.


Global Pact for the Environment Resolution establishing Working Group


Notes on First Substantive Session Pact


2019 01 statement Jan Cox WAN Gl Pact 2

fb-pdf-icon_0SG’s Report Gaps in Environment Law